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Rishi Raj - Frisky Biznass (Unreleased) Rishi Raj - Freedom

Rishi Raj - Frisky Biznass (Unreleased) Rishi Raj - Freedom
Rishi Raj - Freedom

Rishi Raj - Freedom - Lyrics



Monday, January 1, 2011 Day 1

"The Raj Father - Album Release"

"Mass Animal Deaths Since The Start of 2011, MASS FISH/ANIMAL/SEA LIFE DEATHS SWEEPING THE WORLD!"

Friday, April 22, 2011 Day 111

"Missouri tornadic supercell, UFO's Over Guadalajara Mexico, U.S. Deploys Armed Drones to Libya"

Thursday, August 11, 2011 Day 222

"Strange sound in Kiev Ukraine, UFO Orb Fleet in South Korea, Riots spread across London, Large Tornado and Supercell in Nebraska"

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Day 333

"Great Britain Withdraws Diplomats From Iran, after attacked on embassy in Tehran."

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 Day 444

"Magnitude 7.4 OAXACA, MEXICO - Earthquake, Iraq attacks were the sixth simultaneous wave of bombings to hit Iraq, Veterans for Peace, Occupy Chicago and a slew of coalition partners convened the No-NATO protests in Chicago. About 8,000 marchers took Michigan Avenue the full length to Cermak, within several blocks of the NATO Summit at the Hyatt Regency."

Monday, July 9, 2012 Day 555

"Warnings of Internet Blackout"

Sunday, October 28, 2012 Day 666

"Hurricane Sandy"

Saturday, February 16, 2013 Day 777

"Lawless One Revealed - Pope Hitler - One Day After Meteorite hits central Russia & Asteroid 'narrowly' misses Earth"

See Video @

RAJ breaks 666 code and reveals man of lawlessness
(Take the 1st letter out, then replace it with the 6th letter, then take the original first letter and put it at the end of the last word)
6 Joseph - - Hosep - J
6 Aloisi - us - Ilois - u s A
6 Ratzin - ger - Natzi - g e R
Visit for details

#BibleProphecy 777 #PopeHitler - The #LAWLESS one REVEALED! See: 2 Thessalonians 2:8 666

Friday, June 7, 2013 Day 888
Week of 888 :: 05/31/2013 - 06/07/2013

05/31/2013 (Day 881)

- Asteroid Big Enough To Cause Extinction Event Visible 8 days before Day 888:
Asteroid 1998 QE2 in visible range from:
Day 888 - 8 Days = 5/31/2013

- China H7N9 (highly pathogenic avian influenza (new subtype) - mass human infection & death spreading)

06/01/2013 (Day 882)

- #Asteroid 1998QE2 should be a healthy reminder how fragile we humans are and how #God is in ultimate control of our fate. Will we #repent?

- Turkish protesters oppose growing authoritarianism (new restrictions on alcohol sales & no kissing allowed in public) �

- Istanbul Erupts In Violence

- New tornadoes hit Oklahoma - in pictures: Striking photographs show the latest series of tornadoes to h... tg #US

- #Meteor spotted over Florence, South Carolina: �

06/02/2013 (Day 883)

- Ending False Religion: How can you claim to be #Jehovah witness when #Jehovah God is invisible!

- CIA ADMITS FULL MONITORING OF FACEBOOK, Google, Youtube and other Social Networks

- Deadly #SARS-like Virus Spreads to Italy

- The Sixth Day of Fire, Tear Gas, and Blood in Istanbul via @VICE:

- Turkish POLICE BEATING PEOPLE � #direnizmir #occupyturkey � #PMErdoganResign

- 6.2 earthquake causes gas explosion in Taiwan, shakes houses in capital

06/03/2013 (Day 884)

- More than 3,000 injured in violent clashes between protesters and police in Turkey:

- Secret trial proceedings. They violate constitutional law.

United States v. Bradley Manning court-martial proceedings began. Pre-trial, Obama pronounced him guilty by accusation.
'Ridiculous' #Manning trial proves the need for whistleblowers @RT_com
'#Manning trial exposes attack on press freedom' - #WikiLeaks spokesman @RT_com

- Thousands evacuated as deadly floods swamp Europe via @NBCNewsWorld

- Connecticut Lawmakers Vote to Label GMO Foods ;-)

- Fire at a poultry processing plant in China has killed at least 112 people, officials say - @BBCNews

- American public is having a crises of confidence in #government and #media. #BostonHoax #SandyHoax

06/04/2013 (Day 885)

- Russia Moscow Fire in tunnel @ Okhotny Ryad subway station near Kremlin
4500 people evacuated 50-76 injuried

06/05/2013 (Day 886)


- Another radioactive leak found at Japan's #Fukushima nuclear plant

06/06/2013 (Day 887)

- Date shows 666 when Year is summed: 06/06/(2+0+1+3)=6

- London Greets Alex Jones A Hero's Welcome

- U.K. #Bilderberg agenda: 138 global elites meet delegates arrive to secretive meeting

- NSA #PRISM Exposed to public: Goverment E-Communications Spy Ring Exposed

- Another UFO caught on camera diving into Popocatepetl volcano, Mexico:

06/07/2013 (Day 888)

- Vladimir Putin & Wife officially announced divorce

- Tropical Storm name: Andrea Hits East Coast USA

- NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center: STORM LEVEL RED!

- (Good News)Facebook Terror Post: Cameron D'Ambrosio FREED!!! ;-) After being arrested form making a RAP song about the Boston Marathon Bombings (HOAX). #FREESPEECH 888 AMEN!

- Satanist Serial Killer: �Night Stalker� Richard Ramirez died on June 7th of (super)natural causes after 24 years on Death Row @ the age of 53 in San Quentin prison. Note 5+3=8

Thursday, September 26, 2013 Day 999

- 999 The #Illusion Is Very Strong.

- Police Kill Civilians in Indonesia for Refusing to Shave Beards

- New poll: 60 percent of likely voters back legal cannabis | @SDReader News Ticker

- Japan uses 24 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks each year, China uses 45 billion - That's 25 million trees used every year.

- Just say no to #Obamacare ; #LegalizeCannabis == Better Health Care

- Debt Ceiling Raised Seven Times Under Obama ~> Costing $43,000 Per Household ~> Video

- IRS Loses $67 Million From Obama-Care Implementation Slush Fund ~> No Clue Where Money At ~> Full Report

- 4.8 earthquake, 107km WSW of Puerto Madero, Mexico. Sep 26 23:40 at epicenter (41m ago, 75km Mapastepec, depth 3...

- #Obama gives IRS an extra $500 million to enforce the rules and regulations of #Obamacare ; instead of just making Health Care Free for all.

- Will you sell your #Soul to #ObamaCare ? #RFID #IRSFines #30Hours #NWO #EndMiddleClass #VirtualEnslavement #MoreTaxes �

- "a third of all U.S. employers could stop offering health insurance to their workers."

- "a little known passage in the bill that shows how you could get slapped with a $2,000 fine for not having health insurance even if you do"

- #Poll: Obama's Approval Rating DROPS 6 points in September to 43% b/c of #Obamacare � #MakeDCListen #DefundObamacare

- 800 million human beings go to bed hungry every day. DWAR ?@DWarwick2 26 Sep

- Obamacare is heading for a "train wreck." �

- White Castle CEO: Obamacare�s 30-Hour Work Week Will Raise Costs 35 Percent via @sharethis

- NOTHING IN MEDIA! Syrian Al-Qaeda Rebels Raise Black Jihad Flag Over Church, Break Crosses Off 2 More via @sharethis

- Nibiru? Huge Object Traveling With ISON As Shown In New Timelapse Images via @BeforeItsNews

- AFP: Officials say dozens of people are feared trapped after a building in the Indian city of #Mumbai collapses

- Of the 100 largest economies in the world, 51 are corporations; only 49 are countries.

- Scientist Photographs The Soul Leaving The Body

- #Pray for #Burma,#Sudan & #SouthSudan as ethnic & religious groups massacred,needed aid blocked/expelled,food/water/resources destroyed.#God

- #China: 400 military police raid church grounds. 30 believers were seriously wounded, 17 buildings were destroyed

- Germany has paid $61.8 Billion to Jewish victims, to this day the U.S. has not paid $1 to African Americans for 400 years of brutal slavery.

- 5-story building reportedly collapses in Mumbai; unknown amount of people trapped - @NDTV

- 200 To 300 Fireballs Reported Across 30 States

- Mysterious cache of jewels turns up atop glacier.

- Expert Warns Of Coming Chaos In Cities

- Terrorists Wage War on Each Other in Syria; New Round Of Propaganda Begins

- D E S P I C A B L E ?@iamdespicable1 If you protest the removal of constitutional due process, you are #TheNewTerrorist #NDAA

- U.S SOLDIERS Expose Martial Law Agenda Plans 2013: via @youtube

- Al-Shabab vow to continue attacks on Kenya

- ISON's Martian impact/panspermia & Golden Apple

- How To Heal Cavities Naturally

- Tunisian Rapper Klay BBJ Is Jailed For Insulting Authorities: His song, "The Police Are Dogs," has go... npr #US

- Power: Agreement reached with Russia on Syria's chemical weapons: WASHINGTON, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- President Oba...

- Methane Gas Is Rising From Island Created By Pakistan Quake (Stunning Video)

- The United States government spends $780 billion a year on war and destruction.

- Federal Funds For Detroit Announced, Broke City To Receive $100 Million In Grants #p2

- Flashing Triangle Hovering Over Panama US (Video)

- Sinkhole envelops local hunter/marine :: Prophecy Dude

- Worst pick up line ever? Illuminati Sex Schemer Seduces Teen Girls With Promises of Joining Secret Society!

- Fox News: Obama Pushes World Govt By Signing U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

- ObamaCare supporters sign petition to add sterilants to water supply to reduce birthrates. | �

- UN Security Council could vote as soon as Friday night on Syria chemical weapons resolution, US official says - @Reuters

- Google must face a suit accusing it of illegally opening and reading email sent through Gmail, judge rules

- Six people arrested after former NFL player's home is trashed.

- Russia and China hold large-scale war games � #Russia #China #WW3

- The number of Armenian #Christians in #Syria has been reduced by half. #Christian I village attacked.#Pray �

- Threats to #Syrian #Christians Heighten Concerns in Congress About Aiding Rebels.Clergy killed & advocated. �

- In America under Liberals #WeThePeople are 24 hours away from having our Republic Destroyed #MakeDCListen #StandwithCruz

- Illegal Usurper Fraud Obama has caused high crimes & treason on the United States yet isnt eligible to be Legal Prez.

- IRS Watchdog: $67 Million Missing From Obamacare Slush Fund via @wordpressdotcom

- #BOOM #BURN #TORTURE #DEAD #Christian #Pastor & #Son #Murdered in #Nigeria #Church ^CT

- The hemp industry in the U.S. would create new jobs such as transportation, manufacturing, weaving, seed pressing, etc.

- Jihadists torch statues, crosses in Syria churches

- Islam, a religion of peace? Islamic Terror Attacks on American Soil

- Obama Commerce Secretary Sucks Up to Saudis, Sells America Out

- If Obamacare kills businesses there are no jobs & a heavier weight on workers to pay additional taxes to cover additional people on welfare.

- Ted Cruz prays for Pastor Saeed Abedini in front of White House; Billy Graham takes out full page ad in NY Times � - �

- Fukushima Radiation Barrier Torn - More Radiation Seeping Into The Ocean (Video)

- Israeli court rules to stop water fluoridation in 2014 due to health concerns

- 3 freight trains collide in Texas, 4 crew hurt via @usatoday

- Flesh-Rotting Drug Makes Its Way To The U.S. For The First Time, Health Officials Are �Frightened� #p2

- "And I will send #hornets before you, which shall drive out the Hivites, the Canaanites, and the Hittites from before you." - Exodus 23:28

- "And I will send hornets before you, which shall drive out the Hivites, the Canaanites, and the Hittites from before you." - Exodus 23:28

- #China Pastor Zhang Rongliang has been in prison 5 times - last time 7.5 years - not allowed to have Bible in prison.

- Criminals will be no more. You�ll look for their place, but they won�t exist - Psalm 37:10-11 (please retweet)

- Hornet Apocalypse 28 Dead In China Millions Stung!! | Paranormal

- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me - Philippians 4:13 #jesus

- Obama arguing the NSA�s spying programs have helped to stabilize the world in the five years since he took office. | �

- #Christians in #Pakistan forced to live in a constant state of fear! ^ws #persecution

- AMERICAN STASI: TSA To Roll Out �COVERT S ... - - #Column1 #Featured #GOVERNMENTSPYING #PoliceState #War

- #ObamaZombies ! It's flat out scary

- Pretend Polls Show GOP Will Be Destroyed If They Defund Obamacare � #PropagandaInAnAgeOfNumerics

- Stop Watching Us: Rally against mass surveillance, DC, Oct. 26 [post] � [video]

- IRS Chief Counsel Conspired IRS to Target Pro-Life, Conservative Groups � #IRSAbuse #FairTax #TCOT

- 80% of the citizenry oppose obamacare yet 0% of the media will tell you this cuz 100% of the media is run by globalists.

- ADOLPH HITLER: The Real Father of Universal Health Care via @Doug_Giles

- Dozens killed and hundreds injured by swarms of giant hornets - �

- we really should bring back dragging our local politicians from their beds and tar and feathering them

- Poll: Obama approval drops to 43% #NWO

- Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns: via @youtube

- Racist Shooting: Black Man Shoots Four People Because They�re White | Right Wing News �

- Maniacal "Moderate" Murdering Mooslim lobs off his wife's head at his office (old story worth...

- WE THE PEOPLE DONT WANT YOUR #Obamacare or your #Obama. #IMPEACH

- George Zimmerman�s Estranged Wife Says She Doubts His Innocence, Self-Defense Claims in Trayvon Martin Killing...

- FBI Im still waiting for u to release videos of the Pentagon on 9/11, and the video of Adam Lanza walking in the school at Sandy Hook.

- Mandatory Sterilization of Pit Bulls? | Next News Network | #N3 -

- TEPCO 'finds crack' in Fukushima�s water tank after huge sea leak

- The iPhone Is a Bigger Business Than Coca Cola and McDonald's Combined

- The 6 Million Homeless are crying out to me for help! Will you help me help them?

- So they're prepared to sell Ft. Knox tungsten into the open market? RT @zerohedge "Whatever it takes" phrase count in Kocherlakota speech: 7



- Island born by quake releasing mysterious gas: Locals explore the new island which surfaced after Tuesday's ea...

- Friend of Chechen Man Executed by FBI, Arrested and Interrogated for 6 Hours.

- Doctors Grow Nose on Man�s Forehead - Trunews:

- A man who was wrongly incarcerated for 18 years after police suppressed exculpatory evidence can take San...

- Risky Repair of Fukushima Could Spill 15,000 Times the Radiation of Hiroshima, Create 85 Chernobyls

- Drug-Users EATEN ALIVE By FLESH-EATING ... - - #Column3 #Dehumanization #Featured #HEALTH #PoliceState

- Sophisticated U.S. Arms Flowing to Jihadists

- Senate Website Gets Second Amendment Wrong via @sharethis

- In 2011, 9 years after the U.S. invasion, 92% of the opiates (heroin and others) on the world market are originating in Afghanistan.

- Wife and family of imprisoned #pastor #trapped by Vietnamese authorities in their home: ^rm

- Central African Republic on brink of Religious Civil War ^CT #Christians #CivilWar #War #Africa

- Schools Ban Afros, Dreadlocks | Next News Network | #N3 -

- Man who plotted to kill and eat children gets more than 26 years in prison ::

- �We chose democracy & human rights over banks�: President of Iceland Olafur Grimsson on #WorldsApart @OksanaBoyko_RT

- Minnesota Court Rules A Rastafarian�s Pipe Isn�t Drug Paraphernalia

- #Earthquake Swarm Rattling #Yellowstone National Park :: Prophecy Dude

- Miss World organizers vow to foil radical Islamist protests at Bali final

- Blasts rock outdoor markets in Baghdad; 18 dead, 50 wounded

- Death toll in Pakistan earthquake rises to 350.

- Russian court detains Greenpeace activist for 2 months - via @gp_russia

- Earth Changes: USGS: Earthquake Magnitude 6.1 - 101km WSW of Puerto Madero, Mexico: Event Time 2013-09-26 06:4...

- Earth Changes: Trash truck falls into sink hole in north St. Louis: St. Louis, MO - It was a terrifying start...

- UPDATE: 23 people killed by bomb blasts in Baghdad markets #Iraq

- Militants attack Indian Kashmir base, seven killed

- 50.000 march on Golden Dawn hq in #Athens, after the murder of #killahP � (via @15MBcn_int)

- 6.1 earthquake, 101km WSW of Puerto Madero, Mexico. Sep 26 00:46 at epicenter (17m ago, depth 10km).

Thursday, January 16, 2014 Day 1111

-100,000 Dead Fish Near Reno Nevada!! Hosea Prophecy Again!!: via @youtube

-Soaring deaths of bald eagles.

-Heatwave in Adelaide: dozens of flying foxes (bats) drop dead during extreme heat.

-California #ColbyFire: - The 1,700-acre #ColbyFire is generating plumes of smoke that are visible from space.

-Egypt: 444 Muslim Brotherhood Members Arrested During Vote on New Constitution

-PROPHECY ALERT: "Meteor Strike Imminent" NASA: � via @youtube

-Government Exposed Meteor WARNING - PUERTO RICO - REGION 3 - IT HAS BEGUN!!: via @youtube

-Fire in the Sky! There is an undeniable and dramatic increase in meteor fireballs, but we're still being lied ...

-#VIRAL: 'Doomsday clock' still at five to midnight, scientists warn

-Google Glass: Motorist Cleared In Landmark Case #world

-PROPHECY ALERT: Jordan's King Meets With Netanyahu �

-Largest recorded Earthgrazer meteor recorded from Italy to Poland

-Fukushima is an ongoing warning to the world on nuclear energy | Amy Goodman #Internet #World

-Extreme Red Flag Fire Warnings Across Southern California, As Drought And Wind Fuel Fire #p2

-Entire Louisiana Sinkhole Area Shook All Night, Big Methane Gas Gathering

-Victory For Liberty: Judge Rules No Fly List is Unconstitutional - �

-Fukushima: One Hell of a Mirror for Humanity #Japan #Nuclear #Radioactive #Earth? #Contamination #Ecosystem?

-#Christian #persecution continues to skyrocket worldwide.

-31 Puerto Rico Quakes Today: 283 In Last 7 Days -

-Syria has handed Russia ceasefire plans for Aleppo; ready for prisoner exchange with rebels, foreign minister says - @Reuters

-Bomb blast strikes anti-government protest march in Thai capital, wounding at least 28 people, officials say - @BPbreakingnews

-Explosion derails train in central Pakistan; officials say at least 3 dead - @BBCBreaking

-Ariel Sharon's Death As Rabbi Kaduri Prophecy Unfolds! -

-Price of oil steady near $94 a barrel after OPEC report forecast higher global demand - @AP

-FUKUSHIMA: Fukushima plume hitting West Coast and Alaska �any day now� � No gov�t agency is monitoring ocean, �public has right to know� � We have to watch seafood and food web over the future

Party of Regions and Communist Party of Ukraine pass anti-protest laws which criminalized all of Euromaidan�s methods employed during the protests. The following day, president Yanukovych signed the bills into law.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 Day 1222

-Large explosion at oil depot in northern Iran via @po_st

-Pipe Explosion at Hanford Plutonium Finishing Plant Site via @po_st

-Father arrested for protesting graphic sex in student reading assignment �

-Josie The Outlaw�s Facebook Page Deleted �

-This is Probably Why California Cops Beat & Kill the Mentally Disabled via @po_st

-60% of world's population still won't have Internet by the end of 2014

-Weird engineered organism has 6-letter DNA

-[Breaking] Scientists create the first life form with 'alien' DNA: Researchers in California have for the... #YAF

-Oklahoma Quakes Caused By "Lap Of Lucifer" Monument: �

-America Keeps Saying "No" To God: �

-(Amazing) "Fish Rain" Raining Fish In Sri Lanka Village...: �

-Boko Haram kills 300 More In Nigeria: �

-Thailand Quake 6.0 "Beheads Buddha" (Apocalyptic Sign): �

-Water Turned Off In California!! Martial Law Shortly !!!!!! (Video) via @BeforeItsNews

-BREAKING: Massive Explosion in Iran � May Be Nuclear via @BeforeItsNews

-Rick Wiles TruNews: End Days Blueprint, The Exodus & Collapse Of America via @BeforeItsNews

-Russian Strategic Bombers On West Coast: Did They Take Down Los Angeles Air Traffic Control Systems? �

-Medical Drug-Pumping Microchip Plan to be Carried out by 2017 �

-Nuclear Fuel Fragment from Fukushima Found In EUROPE �

-Boko Haram Terror Attack in Nigeria Opens Door to Africom �

-Albuquerque Residents Vow to Storm Another City Council Meeting �

-FEC Chair Warns That Conservative Media Outlets Face Regulation �

-They Live Trailer 2014 �

-Loud Booms Stir Florida Residents, Shake Homes: �

-@TheRajFather @venezia24 @seattletimes Dictatorship's Armed groups burned the University Fermin Toro #Venezuela

Monday, May 19, 2014 Day 1234

-Thai army declares martial law and claims the move is not a coup, Thai defense official says.

-A federal judge strikes down Oregon�s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage.

-Deadly Toxin Alert! 80% of Americans Are Infected With A Common Parasite That Causes Death & Are Completely Unaware

-Over-heating stock markets raise crash fears

-US Govt Charged Electricity Consumers $40 Billion For Unbuilt Nuclear Waste Dump

-Video: Border Patrol Attempt To Seize Phone From Libertarian Filming Inland Checkpoint Stop - �

-Rogue Government Prepares For Heated Conflict, Historical Cycles Point to Coming Clash - �

-NSA Recording Every Phone Call in Bahamas...

-"Nada hacen con quitarnos la ROPA" #SOSvenezuela (via @untal_ro)

-#BB4SP: The FCC goes ahead with its plan to control Web pricing #Internet

-London Islamic cleric #AbuHamza found guilty in New York terrorism trial

-#Nigeria-Mom & 2 daughters brutally raped & tortured.1 of daughters dies. � #pray for healing,comfort from loss.#Jesus

-Venezuela signs deal to provide Palestinian Authority with oil #RT #Worldnews

-Retweet if #Sudan shoult NOT go through with a case that has sentenced a mom to death for her #faith #ForMeriam

-Judge Signals She�ll Force Holder to Hand Over Fast & Furious Documents

-"Whoso is tilling his ground is satisfied with bread & whoso is pursuing vanity, is filled with poverty." -Proverbs 28:19 @faithclubdotnet

-En tres meses han sido detenidos 207 menores de edad, durante las protestas

-"Either you are with us Mujahedeen or you are with the Christians," said Shekau of #BokoHaram: ^ct

-Why is Bill Gates investing in Monsanto and GMOs? � #Monsanto #GMO @BillGates @melindagates @gatesfoundation

-Pentagon has doubled the number of aircrafts on standby to evacuate American personnel from US embassy in Libya.

-Every time there is a major protest around the world, stock markets crash in order to create an anti-protest sentiment in people's minds.

-U.S. to file espionage charges against Chinese Beijing�s military establishment hackers - � Do you smell War???

-PLA Troops Descend on China-Vietnam Border - �

-Why Does Christian Persecution Get Worse In Every Country The U.S. �Liberates�? - �

-Russia�s �Holy Grail� Gas Deal With China Now �Only One Digit Away� - �

-Breaking: Russian Lawmakers Want to Impose Criminal Penalties on those Conducting GMO Business - �

-NSA Spying Is a Power Grab - �

-Cisco CEO John Chamber Sends Letter to Obama Complaining About NSA Surveillance - �

-Banking Deaths: Why JPMorgan Stands Out - �

-Vatican Bank Audit Finds 202 Suspicious Deals in 2013 - �

-Sex Change Drugs �to be offered to nine-year-olds� - �

-UN Decries Water as Weapon of War in Military Conflicts #p2

-Army is investigating death of U.S. soldier -- from California -- shot to death in Jordan

-Thousands of dead fish blanket waters of Marina del Rey

-Google is getting increasingly creepy..more and more they are rubbing it in your face they know where you are with ads and news stories

-TheNewYorkTimes: Fears Spread That Venezuela Is Approaching Bloody Face-Off #sosVenezuela #ResistenciaVzla

-US charges Chinese military officials with cyber-spying - New York Post #AnonCorpWatch

- DHS Whistleblower Censored from 60 minutes #N3 (from one year ago)

-@NoticiasSB1 @pabellon2_0 Today Venezuelan mothers gave a press conference, demanding justice and ask the Unasur your attention. #Venezuela

-"@thomassfl: Every rogue deptartment needs para military backup. So WHY the Dept of Agriculture needs to be armed?"

-#Christians in #Pakistan's most dangerous region demand equal rights. Read more:

-Interior Ministry: Chloroform found in #Odessa Trade Unions building � #UkraineDesk #Ukraine

-Apocalyptic Ambition: #Kiev-US nuclear deal may lead to catastrophe @IrinaGalushkoRT

-Are you in the #UK and concerned about #privacy, #surveillance and #internet #censorship? Check out the work being done by @OpenRightsGroup

-#Jesus #truth Proverbs26:2 Curses cannot hurt you unless you deserve them. They are like birds that fly by and never light.

-Pedofiles prey in the Dark. Pedohunters will bring ur identity to Light #OpNullTwitterCP




-NSA tests legal limits on surveillance if USA Freedom Act becomes law #Internet #World

-While the US continues to feed the entire world's private data into the #NSA's maw, complaints about other nations spying reek of hypocrisy.

-"@AN0N_AL_AQSA: #TANGODOWN 363 Israeli website hacked by anonymous tunisia. #FreePalestine "

-Will #China be able to file their own charges? "U.S. Charges Chinese Army Personnel With Cyberspying" � #APT #NSA

-Police are using GPS tagged prescription bottles & DNA mist to spy on us

-The nation has ignored Fast & Furious, IRS and Benghazi, what about VA hospitals killing vets? �

-Please tell me why we are in Afghanistan again. It sure as hell isn't to defeat the CIA's little proxy, Al Qaeda, but to secure their Heroin

-State-by-State analysis on the happenings in #marijuana legalization this week� |

-[Breaking] Man trolls NEWS crew on LIVE TV: A local news station doing a report on an oil spill interview... #YAF

-"We have two #US citizens, who are children, inside a #Sudan prison right now:" Pray #ForMeriam

-Mistletoe � A Potent Cancer Treatment And You Thought It Was Just For Kissing

-After 9/11 the US military-industrial complex quickly invaded Afghanistan and began facilitating the reinstatement of their poppy industry.

-Russia Fleet Warships Arrive In China Military Drills...: �

-Unarmed California American Hispanic teen Adrian Parra honor roll high school student shot to death during traffic stop: �

-REPORT: Obama Administration Using Race To Distract Black Voters From President�s Terrible Record � #teaparty #tcot

-With ads and foot soldiers, Republican 'establishment' squeezes Tea Party #Politics #News

-BREAKING: "Thousands Sheep Bang Their Heads And Die": �

-Health & Wellness: Why the FDA should be charged with murder: If you worked for a federal agency that was kill...

-[infowars] Cisco CEO Sends Letter to Obama Complaining About NSA Surveillance #nwo

-#CYBERSPYING: US govt alleges that Chinese military unit #61398 responsible for spying on US companies

-Mice with multiple sclerosis walk and run again after human stem cell treatment

-[Breaking] States are fighting new science curriculum teaching climate change and evolution: A set of rev... #YAF

-@CaptivatingNews & #Agenda21 #WeatherModification #geoengineering

-California Gov. On Drought, Wildfires: �Humanity Is On A Collision Course With Nature� #p2

-Cisco CEO Berates Obama for NSA Surveillance #p2

-Who Will Be the Last to Legalize #Weed?� |

-[Breaking] Cyber-Spying Charges Against China Officials: The US has charged five Chinese hackers with eco... #YAF

-3D Bioprinted liver-inspired device traps toxins and detoxifies blood

-BREAKING NEWS: @CecilyMcmillan sentenced to 90 days, time served & 5yrs probation #Justice4Cecily #ows @RT_com @YourAnonNews @pussyrrriot

-[Breaking] U.N. Decries Water as Weapon of War in Military Conflicts: The United Nations, which is trying... #YAF

-#China refuses #GMO Food to #ChineseArmy.. why hasn't the #ObamaRegime done the same?

-Live video: Justice Department announces criminal charges against Chinese hackers - @NBCNews

-#BB4SP: Benghazi Emails Show White House Effort to Protect Obama

-"Miracle Boy Falls 11 Stories And Survives" Minneapolis Min: �

-"Hosea Prophecy"Thousands Dead Fish Del Ray Harbor California: �

-Now CHRISTIANS in Europe are under threat, claims report via @MailOnline

-The FCC goes ahead with its plan to control Web pricing #Internet �

-Murders cause #Egypt #Christians to flee many more villages. Others attacked,kidnapped near #Sinai pipelines �

-#BB4SP: Obama's Syrian/Al-Qaeda Rebels Engage in Mass Crucifixions Against "All Infidels" in Syria ~> Very Graphic

-Khomeini, Saddam, Bin Laden, were are all trained by the CIA before playing the role of America's evil enemy.

-Floods menace towns, power plants in Serbia and Bosnia: OBRAC Serbia/MAGLAJ Bosnia (Reuters) - Communities in ...

-Journalist attacked by followers of the Government at the Central University of #Venezuela #sosvenezuela #3A

-Just out: #Rwanda's disappeared, #SouthSudan on brink of famine & genocide, chaos in #Libya

-#BB4SP: 'Operation American Spring' Protesters March on White House VIDEO

-#Nigeria-After dual attacks kill at least 12,another attack kills at least 30 #Christians.Injuries unknown. � #TeamJesus

-PLA troops spotted near China-Vietnam border


-Man Attempts To Hug a Wild Lion. What Happens Next Stunned Me via @BeforeItsNews

-World Unites Against the Illuminati Professor Griff on Fire! via @BeforeItsNews

-4 O.A.S. Live Stream Links: Operation American Spring Live Stream Right Here, Right Now! via @BeforeItsNews

-#BB4SP: 'Operation American Spring' Protesters March on White House VIDEO

-"Conspiracy theorist" were RIGHT checklist: Massive spying NSA Chemtrails Fluoride is poison GMOs falseflags How many more times?

-The U.S. spends more money on weapons each year than the whole world spends on food and drinks.

-3-Year-Old Remembers Past Life, Identifies Murderer and Location of Body via @BeforeItsNews

-Photo Galleries Cisco CEO lashes out at NSA, tells Obama to stop bugging IT hardware

-New Research Shows Cilantro can Remove Lead, Copper, Mercury from Tap Water

-Police attempt to detain 10-year-old amid protests in #Izmir, #Turkey �

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