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Rishi Raj - Biography

Albums: Rishi Raj - Frisky Biznass (Unreleased) Rishi Raj - Freedom

The Original Desi Rap Rock Star USA

RISHI RAJ Rishi 'Risky' Raj is a Musician & Singer song writer with almost 30 years of music experience under his belt with 4 Full length Album Releases. In the early 90's Rishi Raj attended Berklee College of Music & Has a Degree in Multi Media. Rishi Raj has had many Rock Metal Bands with a lot of unreleased original material from his teenage years. Rishi Raj is The First Desi Hip Hop Indian Rapper in the USA.

Rishi Raj is a Guitar player since the age of 5 years old and a Self Made Music Producer/Programmer. Rishi Raj has a wide range of Musical styles. Rishi Raj is of Indian/Punjabi/Hindu Ethnicity Origin & was born in Texas USA. Rishi Raj Grew up in the USA and has lived in many states.

Rishi Raj has many aliases and stage names such as but not limited to: Rishi Raj | Rishi Risky Raj | Triple Risky | The Raj Father & many many more.

Influenced by his vast variety of musical tastes Rishi Raj's looks and styles have changed many times over the course of his life; Rishi Raj - Freedom Song from Mohawks to Shaved Head, from clean cut and shaven to a long beard and Dreadlocks! Just like his styles change up every so often also this is reflected in his artistry and music. Rishi Raj is a multi talented musician, who plays a variety of genres of music ranging from Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Acoustic Soul, Folk, Spirituals, Rock, Heavy Metal, Indian Raga, Bhangra and Reggae!

"Rishi Raj is The First Desi Hip Hop Indian Rapper - USA"
Rishi Raj - "1995 It's Summertime"

Rishi Raj is The Real Original Creator of Desi Hip Hop

Rishi Raj's core influences were Rock and Hip Hop music, but growing up in an Indian household and visiting India on a periodic basis as a kid he was also strongly influenced by Indian Raga, Bhangra & Bollywood music as well. He bought his first pair of tabla and a sitar from India when he was 16 years old and ventured into mixing East Indian Bhangra type music with Rap and Rock music. Being of Desi (East Indian) roots He definitely was one of the first; if not THE first East Indian rapper and rock singer musician to explore this fusion type music and is an original creator of it; later to me dubbed "Desi Hip Hop" by the early 2000's. (A Few Examples: Rishi Raj - Desi Gangsta Star - 1992 (Unreleased) and Rishi Raj - Shiver - BlackBird 1995 (Unreleased)) It was by then that his first two official solo albums "Pukka" and "Cali Desi Collabo" represented this fusion and it became clear that his ethnic roots could not be Ignored as well as his heavy metal and hip hop musical styles.

By the mid 2000's In an effort to bring a call to unite all Desi artists as a force he invested into throwing "Desi Hip Hop" parties along with DJ Midknyte of Fauji DJ's to promote the "Desi Hip Hop" movement while inviting local and out of state Indian artists to the bay area to perform at them. Artists such as: Sonny Brown, Pakman, Bohemia (The Punjabi Rapper), Kamla Punjabi and the late Deep Cold (R.I.P), Plain of 591, J.Hind, Ash of Hylite, JustDance (JD of Hum Ek) and many more Desi artists and DJ's were in attendance. Other artists such as Kat Eyez, Pacifik Desi Fijian Rapper, Haji Springer were personally invited but could not attend due to prior commitments.

Rishi Raj’s third studio album, titled “Risky” released in 2008 was one of his biggest independent pushes of his career, working with Spice 1, and utilizing his “Desi Hip Hop Boss” status by releasing many popular Desi Hip Hop Rappers. The album features Legendary Spice 1, as well as popular Desi Rappers Sonny Brown, Krazy Kris & Young Singh of the Network, Showtime, Ash & A.K of Hylite, Pakman & Plain of 591, Craze Dogg, Spyder Black (a.k.a. Sukhi Rai), Mo Money & Young Gunn of Stack Boyz, and Deepa Dhaku. The "Risky" album mainly focused on local collabos with East Indian Artists.

Rishi Raj was interested in purchasing the domain name DesiHipHop.com and Easily could have in the early 2000's but decided not to and instead leave it up for grabs for the larger Desi Hip Hop community instead as a loving gesture. However over the course of its existence the site managers largely ignored Rishi Raj probably due to his eclectic and wild tastes. But this did not trouble him too much as he knows he is a different kind and not easily accepted by the main stream cronies.

Rishi Raj is well known in the Desi Hip Hop community for helping fuze hip hop with middle eastern music, coining himself the “Desi Hip Hop Boss”, all the while titling a song “Desi Hip Hop Boss”, featuring Bay Area Legend Spice One. He also was a crucial element in getting key figures of the Desi Hip Hop Community in the Bay Area, helping many up and coming artists of the Desi Hip Hop Community promote their music.

He has released four official albums. His most recent titled “The Raj Father”, which features a slew of current hip hop titans of todays new generation. Since his working with the new generation of the Bay Area Hip Hop scene, he has been able to garner support and industry co-signs from major music media companies and affiliates like DesiClub.com, DJ Midknyte of Fauji DJ’s, Go Der Magazine, The Dame Fame Show , All Bay Music Magazine, The Rap Manager, Desi Unplugged, Thizzler on The Roof, We The West, Rap Bay, SimplyBhangra.com, Plain and Mr. Kee's Gas Nation Mixtapes, and more.

Rishi Raj is no stranger to the public eye working musically with popular rap artists like Spice 1, Nump, Don P, Lee Majors and many more. He has been making music ever since he was a young kid, working many different groups, always leading the groups as a singer/songwriter. He also is multi talented Executive Producer, producing a lot of his own music. He stepped out of the box on the Raj Father, but prior to releasing The Raj Father, Rishi literally recorded, produced, and wrote every song he has ever recorded and released.

Since "The Raj Father" album release, Rishi Raj has been working on his up and coming social and political corruption themed Acoustic Guitar album (Hear his "Freedom" and "Peace For Venezuela" singles) as well as another Rishi Risky Raj album (humorously titled "Frisky Biznass") however no date has been set for a release yet on either and he is doing this at his leisure. In 2013-2014 Rishi Raj as 'Triple Risky', teamed up with Artist Spyder Black (Sukhi Rai) and Dhol player in the Bhanga Style Punjabi Rock band "Dhol Rock" (See www.DholRock.com) where he was playing his Guitar while Sukhi Rai was singing the vocals.

If you have not heard his music yet go listen right now! Rishi Raj is one of the most original artists ever. He has always combined all of his creative musical talents in every new sound production. If your looking for original music, Rishi Raj is your answer. He is always growing as an artist and musician, businessman, entertainer and spiritual philosopher. Make sure you tune in to RishiRaj.com and TheRajFather.com (His Twitter Page) to keep updated with his news, political and spiritual philosophies, music links, videos links, and up and coming events.

To Book Rishi Raj for a live performance, guest feature for your album, or any other business, please do not hesitate to contact Management. Contact via twitter: www.TheRajFather.com to request Contact via email.

Thanks for reading about me.
God Bless!
--Rishi Raj